Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is my information safe with you?

Yes. We will not share any of your information in any way whatsoever without your permission.

+ How can you help me?

Humans are plagued with diseases of lifestyle. So many of our issues can be solved by living according to our genetic makeup and providing our bodies with the correct ingredients to express health and vitality.

Regardless of your disease or symptoms, everyone can benefit from improving what we eat, how we move, what we think about, and how we handle the stresses of life.

My coaching programs revolve around returning each individual to a more natural way of living and thereby letting the body work as it was intended

+ Are you a medical doctor?

No. I’m a doctor of chiropractic, not a doctor of medicine. I chose to become a chiropractor because I wanted to help people with their health issues without the use of drugs or surgery. While my education was very similar to that of medical school, I attended a specialized school for chiropractic.

Because I am not a medical doctor, I cannot give you medical advice. I also can’t diagnose you or advise you about any medications you’re taking. What I can do is guide you within the framework of natural health and healing. And actually, if you want advice about pain, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and other natural health sciences, a chiropractor often has more education, training, and experience in these areas.

+ Can you diagnose my problem?

No. I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot give you a medical diagnosis. You should be leery of any diagnosis you receive without the necessary testing required to make such conclusions.

+ Can you write me a prescription?

No. My focus is on natural health solutions that do not include medications. If you desire a prescription for your health problem, you should visit a trusted medical professional.

+ Can I submit an article for your readers?

We would love that! We do have some guidelines for guest posts, however. Send us a message through our contact form and we’ll forward you instructions for submitting your work.

+ Can I share one of your articles?

We welcome you to share our posts under the following conditions.

  1. The entire article must be used without additions or omissions.
  2. Proper credit must be given to the author.
  3. All links must remain intact and functional.
  4. A link to must be included.
  5. Articles must be used in a not-for-profit format.

If any other use is desired, permission from the author in writing is required.